Nextion HMI LCD display module + touch interface 2.8"

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This little unit is an amazingly powerful human-machine interface (HMI) module.  The user interface is built using Nextion's software - then flashed onto the module by serial link.  The editor supports common controls such as buttons, bars, sliders and such and is configurable in a drag-and-drop manner, without writing code.

To interface with the world and get events and data to/from the module, you connect its serial port to your microcontroller, computer or ESP8266 wireless board.

Model number: NX3224T028


    2.8", 320 x 240 Resolution
    RGB 65K true to life colours
    TFT Screen with integrated 4-wire Resistive Touch Panel
    Easy 4 pin interface to any TTL Serial Host
    4M Flash memory for User Application Code and Data
    On board micro-SD card for firmware upgrade
    Visual Area:57.6mm(L) × 43.2mm(W)
    Adjustable Brightness:0~180 nit, the interval of adjustment is 1%
    5V 65mA power consumption

The Nextion Editor (for creating the user interface and flashing the display module) can be downloaded here.

Hookup Guide

To flash a new HMI from Nextion Editor you'll need an FTDI cable.  Included with the Nextion display is a short 4-pin connecting cable that breaks out the GND, VCC, TX and RX pins on the module to individual flyleads.  Hook these up to your FTDI as follows:

  • FTDI GND to Nextion GND
  • FTDI +5V to Nextion +5V
  • FTDI TX to Nextion RX
  • FTDI RX to Nextion TX

When you first connect the module to power, a demo app will show up which shows off some of the controls available in the Nextion Editor.  You can download a copy of the demo HMI for this display module here.

There is also a micro-usb breakout that can be used to power the module from a +5V micro-USB supply.  Simply hook this up with + going to +5V and - going to GND.

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