5V Relay Module

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The relay on this module is rated for a maximum of 10A current.  The output contacts are isolated from the input contacts.  We've sourced a new and improved module that has air gap isolation between low voltage and switching contacts.

Safety warning

Relays are sometimes used to switch mains level voltages; however we recommend against working with mains level voltages unless you are a trained professional.  Mains voltages are NOT suitable for hobby use and can result in severe trauma or death if not treated with care.


  • Connect the module pins GND and VCC to GND and +5V respectively.
  • The IN pin can now be used to switch the relay on and off.  This input is microcontroller-compatible so does not require a lot of current.  The module has an on-board transistor drive circuit to deliver the higher currents needed to operate the relay coil.

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