User Guide - ISD1820 Voice Recorder Module



The ISD1820 is a single chip voice recorder and playback module capable of recording up to 10 seconds of audio and playing this back single-shot or in a loop.  Recording and playback functions are triggered via on-board pushbuttons or via control pins on a header.

Hello world - connecting it up

The quickest way to get something going is to connect +5V to the VCC pin and GND to the ground on your power supply.  Hold the record button down and record something, then hit the PLAYE button to play the recording back.

Controlling via header pins

The REC, PLAYL and PLAYE functions can also be triggered via the header pins.  They are active high and can be triggered from a microcontroller such as one of our Arduino-compatible boards or even directly from a PIR (motion) sensor.

Changing the sampling rate

You can extend the amount of audio that the ISD1820 can record by replacing the R_OSC resistor on the board (requires soldering surface mount components).  The chip can record up to 20s of audio on the lowest sampling rate, or 8s on the highest rate.