When will my order ship?

We aim to package your orders on the same day you place them, and to have them in the post by the following morning. You will receive your tracking number at the time your order is received by NZ Post.

What do I do if I have a problem with my order?

Please contact us right away and we'll sort it out for you.

I am looking for <product>, can you help?

We are always open to hear new ideas for products, or to source a new product line if there is demand for it. Please do let us know!

When will <product> be back in stock?

We aim to carry stock of all our listed products, but sometimes this may not happen due to a number of reasons. When this happens, the estimated date that the product will be back in stock will be shown next to the "Add to Cart" button.

Our policy is to temporarily stop selling a product once it goes out of stock to avoid disappointing anyone; but if you would like to pre-order a product that has gone out of stock, please do contact us and we'll make it happen.