Robot car chassis with motors, gearboxes and battery holder

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This is an awesome little robot car that is just waiting for your inventive genius to build something awesome.

Project ideas:


Measurements when assembled:

  • Width (rim to rim): 150mm
  • Depth: 140mm
  • Height: 85mm
  • Wheel diameter: 70mm
  • Platform diameter: 140mm
  • Space between platforms: 32mm

Parts included:

  • Pre-cut acrylic panels
  • Stand-offs and screws
  • Motors+gearboxes (pre-assembled)
  • Battery box
  • Drive wheels x2
  • Stabiliser wheels x2


You have to be handy with a screwdriver and a soldering iron for this one - it comes in parts, and you have to assemble it.

The top acrylic plate only mounts with 2 screws (the other holes don't line up) - so you can either drill extra mounting holes or leave it mounted with only 2 screws.  We've tested it and it seems stable with only 2 screws.

The motors do not have wires attached; you'll need to solder wires onto the connecting lugs to connect these to your project board.  We sell the L298N motor driver board which has 2 outputs and can drive these motors.

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