Breadboard Starter Kit for Arduino, includes components

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This handy starter kit includes everything you need to get started with your breadboard projects, all in a nice handy box.

It includes:

  • 10pcs 100-ohm resistor
  • 10pcs 220-ohm resistor
  • 10pcs 330-ohm resistor
  • 10pcs 1k-ohm resistor
  • 10pcs 10k-ohm resistor
  • 10pcs 100k-ohm resistor
  • 10pcs 4.7k-ohm resistor
  • 10pcs 47k-ohm resistor
  • 10pcs 100pf ceramic capacitor
  • 10pcs 10nf ceramic capacitor
  • 10pcs 100nf ceramic capacitor
  • 10pcs 2.2pf ceramic capacitor
  • 10pcs 10uf electrolytic capacitor
  • 10pcs 470uf electrolytic capacitor
  • 10pcs red LED
  • 10pcs green LED
  • 10pcs yellow LED 
  • 10pcs blue LED
  • 2pcs switch with blue cap
  • 2pcs switch with red cap
  • 2pcs switch with yellow cap
  • 2pcs switch with green cap
  • 1pcs 10k-ohm potentiometer
  • 2pcs RGB LED
  • 1pcs active buzzer
  • 1pcs passive buzzer
  • 1pcs 40 pin header
  • 1pcs 400 tie point breadboard
  • 1pcs 30 pcs jumper wires

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