Wireless temperature and humidity sensor (MQTT enabled)

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Handy for home automation projects, this wireless temperature sensor reports the current temperature and humidity to an MQTT broker of your liking every 5 seconds.

Parts required


Make the following connections:

  1. GND on power supply to:
    1. GND on ESP8266
    2. GND (pin 4) on DHT11
  2. +3.3V on power supply to:
    1. CHPD on ESP8266
    2. VCC on ESP8266
    3. Pin 1 on DHT11 (leftmost)
  3. Connect a 4.7k resistor between pin 1 and 2 of the DHT11.
  4. Connect pin 2 on the DHT11 to GP2 on the ESP8266.

The following pins should remain unconnected: DHT11 pin 3, ESP8266 GP0, RXD, TXD and RST.


Programming the ESP8266

While we're not going to go into a detailed guide on how to program the ESP8266, here is a sample sketch that should get you up and running.  Please note the following:

 When everything is up and running, you should see the following topics being published approximately every 5 seconds:

tempsensor/temperature 24
tempsensor/humidity 54

Where 24 is the temperature, in degrees Celsius, and 54 is the relative humidity (percentage).

The final product

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